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AGI designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of sophisticated pneumatic assembly-line products, including both angular and parallel grippers, rotary actuators, thrusters, linear slides, mini slides, robot tool changers and overload devices. All products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design.

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As a supplier to the critical manufacturing sectors since 1964, AGI is committed to the continuous delivery of our quality components. Most of AGI’s components are ‘on-the-shelf’, with the industry’s fastest turn-around time for special orders. Many of our Grippers and Rotaries directly replace competitors’ products in the field, with no re-engineering necessary. We are a manufacturer of components like precision industrial automation assemblies, linear actuators, rotary actuators, pneumatic grippers, o-ring installation and robotic grippers.

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As a company specializing today in automation technology, AGI uses modern manufacturing processes as well as keeping a commitment to continuous improvement. Because of who we are, and because of these commitments, the modern end-of-arm tooling-user continue to hold confidence in the capabilities and products offered by AGI.
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Engineering AGI Automation Components into automated machinery provides many advantages, a few of them found listed here.

Buy AGI and rest assured to be dealing with a company that cares deeply about the end-user.
Millo Bertini
President, AGI Automation


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