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Miniature 2-Jaw Parallel Pneumatic Gripper



Miniature two jaw gripper is designed for very small and delicate parts. Miniature size allow for banks of grippers to be mounted next to each other for close centerlines. The AGPM grippers can be manifolded from the top and it also has a scavenge port.


Small yet rugged parallel gripper. These two grippers boast S-7 jaws that ride on Armoloy TDC shafts. The AGP-187, 250 are the industry standard and supply a high grip force to weight ratio. AGI’s patented guided wedge design offers better jaw centering and repeatability. This is ideal for short stroke and high strength applications.

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  • AGP-187

    Weight 3 oz

  • AGP 250

    Weight 4 oz

  • Agpm1.

    Weight 1.7 oz

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Additional Information

The AGP parallel grippers offer a unique gripping solution for applications that require exact part pick up or placement and high loading capability. The compact size of this pneumatic gripper linear actuator is ideal for use in tight spaces with short strokes.

AGP series mini gripper actuators provide grip force of 15 to 25 lbs. with two stroke sizes up to a quarter inch, yet the total height of the assembly is only 1.47 inches it is one of the smallest commercially available pneumatic actuator.

The pneumatic gripper linear actuator is part of a product line that offers flexible configurations. The grippers have two bore sizes .75 and also a 1 inch available, optional switch kits allow the use of inductive proximity switches for easy interfacing to electrical controls.