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Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

AGI pneumatic rotary actuators collection

Rotary Actuator Rack and Pinion type with flange output has many advances to improve productivity.

Rack and pinion type double acting air cylinder with zero backlash hard stop output flange. Four way two position valve needed for proper function.

Pneumatic low profile compact rotary actuators are ideal for payloads from 1 lbs (.44Kg) to 30 lbs (13.6Kg). The standard rotations available are 45, 90, or 180 degrees.

Built in adjustable hard stops on output flange prevent pinion breakage. AGR units have zero back-lash due to the cross ported drive pistons never bottoming out; this also achieves true force throughout the rotation and end of stroke.

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  • AGR-1

    Weight 7 oz
    Max Payload 1 lb

  • AGR-2

    Weight 1.2 lb
    Max Payload 3 lbs

  • AGR-3

    Weight 3 lbs
    Max Payload 8 lbs

  • AGR-4

    Weight 5 lbs
    Max Payload 15 lbs

  • Agr-5

    Weight 8.5 lbs
    Max Payload 30 lbs

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Patented built in adjustable hard stops on output flange prevent pinion breakage. The AGR units have zero end-of-stroke backlash due to the drive pistons never bottoming out.

This also results in full torque at start-up and throughout the rotation to the end of stroke. Dual bearing supported turn table provides an extremely compact package for tight space applications, and slip fit dowel pins make this a precise and repeatable pneumatic rotary actuator.

Available options are:

Mid stop and Manifold. To adjust the output flange: Back off the sensors a few turns if equipped. There are two small set screws (locks) and two larger set screws (rotation adjustment) on the edge of the output flange. Remove one small set screw from each side, under that is another that should just be loosened, now you can move the larger rotation adjustment.