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Pre-Assembled Gripper/Rotary Units

AGM pneumatic gripper/rotary assemblies combine powerful rotary actuators with precision parallel grippers.  Manifolded internally, assemblies are compact in design.  Assemblies provide modern automation machine builders with cost-effective, independent gripper/rotational actions without having to engineer a system themselves. Internal manifolding eliminates air lines to the gripper.  No more twisting, rubbing or snagging of air lines to worry about.  Ease in sequencing the two motions.  Assemblies are perfect for pick & place applications as well as precision orientation operations. AGI offers over 100 combinations of AGM gripper/rotary manifolded assemblies.  A wide range of torque needs, gripper forces & stroke lengths are available, small to large.

Model #RotaryGripper
AGM-1 & 2=AGR-1+AGP-250
AGM-3 & 4=AGR-2+AGP-250
AGM-5 & 6=AGR-2+AGP-375
AGM-7 & 8=AGR-2+AGP-500
AGM-9 & 10=AGR-2+AGW-250
AGM-11 & 12=AGR-3+AGW-375-1
AGM-13 & 14=AGR-3+AGW-375-2
AGM-15 & 16=AGR-3+AGW-375-4
AGM-17 & 18=AGR-1+AGA-20
AGM-19 & 20=AGR-2+AGA-20
AGM-21 & 22=AGR-3+AGA-20
AGM-23 & 24=AGR-4+AGA-40
AGM-25 & 26=AGR-5+AGA-50
AGM-27 & 28=AGR-2+AGP-23
AGM-29 & 30=AGR-3+AGP-43
AGM-31 & 32=AGR-4+AGP-63
AGM-33 & 34=AGR-5+AGP-83
AGM-35 & 36=AGR-4+AGW-500-1
AGM-37 & 38=AGR-4+AGW-500-2
AGM-39 & 40=AGR-5+AGW-500-4
AGM-41 & 42=AGR-5+AGW-625-2
AGM-43 & 44=AGR-5+AGW-625-4
AGM-45 & 46=AGR-5+AGW-625-6
AGM-61 & 62=AGR-1+AGLP-1
AGM-63 & 64=AGR-1+AGLP-2
AGM-65 & 66=AGR-1+AGLP-3
AGM-67 & 68=AGR-1+AGLP-4
AGM-69 & 70=AGR-2+AGLP-1
AGM-71 & 72=AGR-2+AGLP-2
AGM-73 & 74=AGR-2+AGLP-3
AGM-75 & 76=AGR-2+AGLP-4
AGM-77 & 78=AGR-1+AGPT-500
AGM-79 & 80=AGR-2+AGPT-500
AGM-81 & 82=AGR-2+AGPT-1000
AGM-83 & 84=AGR-3+AGPT-1000
AGM-85 & 86=AGR-3+AGPT-1125
AGM-87 & 88=AGR-5+AGA-60

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