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Base Linear Pneumatic Actuator


AGS base power slides have a built in air cylinder that reduces the overall length or footprint of the unit. Bore sizes are .75 inch, 1 inch and 1.25 inch with stokes from 1 inch to 6 inch. This base linear actuator is heavy duty industrial grade.

  • The end blocks are bolted to the shafts.
  • The air feed shaft is gun drilled hardened shafting material to prevent air leaks and extending service life.
  • Bearings are precision linear sealed type suitable for heavy loading.
  • Polycarbonate composite bearings are also available.
  • Stroke adjustments are standard on both sides and are sensor and shock absorber ready.

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  • AGS-4

    Weight 3.5 lbs
    Push Force 25 lbs.

  • AGS-5

    Weight 6.5 lbs
    Push Force 50 lbs.

  • AGS-6

    Weight 12 lbs
    Push Force 80 lbs.

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