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Load Limiters and Collision Sensors


AGI end-of-arm load limiters mount between robot wrists and tooling to protect the robot during overload conditions and/or collisions.  Operating with air pressure, they are dynamically variable.  A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold loads rigid during normal operation. During an impact, the air chamber seal opens while a ‘shutdown’ signal is simultaneously sent to the system controller.

There are many names for the robotic safety devises, crash protectors, collision sensors, EOAT load limiter and so on. They all have the same purpose and that’s to minimize or completely prevent damage to robot and tooling.

Use of proper load limiters and collision sensing allows production/assembly lines to run longer while protecting expensive robots & tools. Costly system repairs are drastically reduced as well as providing protection for end of arm tooling.

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Additional Information

Dynamic Breakaway Points

  • The AGO units feature pneumatically actuated load-limiter with dynamically infinite variable breakaway points.

Moment Trip Point Settings

  • Settings for moment trip points are controllable through air pressure.
  • Compliance in the X, Y, and Z axes, as well as rotational movements.

Adjustable Moment Capacity

  • Pneumatic pressure adjustments allow for variable moment capacity.
    • High-inertia motions benefit from increased pressure.
    • Low-inertia moves can reduce pressure for optimal performance.

Regulated Air Supply

  •  A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the load rigid during normal operation.

Safety Mechanism

Air Chamber Seal

  • Upon impact, the air chamber seal opens and the system becomes compliant.

Emergency Shutdown

  • A pressure switch signal is immediately sent to the system controller or robot’s E-stop to shut down the system.

Precision and Reliability

Repeatable Positioning

  • Precise locating components guarantee that the AGO units repeat back to its original position with less than .001 inch tolerance.


By incorporating the AGI robotic load limiters and collision sensors, production and assembly lines experience extended runtime, safeguarding expensive robots and tools. This leads to a significant reduction in costly system repairs related to end-of-arm tooling.