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How we see ourselves

We are located in the small town of Trumbull, Connecticut.  Having had our start in 1964 as a small job shop, time and chance eventually led us to the design and manufacture of today’s automation components.  The hero of this story was Millo Bertini Sr., who began the original machine shop back in the day, worked hard for 50 years at surviving the onslaught thrown at small shops, designed the major part of our present line, then departed with some 30+ U.S. Patents to his name.  It has been our mission, through shop policy and our manner of caring for customers, to continue with heart towards jobs well done.  While supporting our customer as we do, all else falls into place. 

We are well known for the unparalleled longevity of our products.  Used for a variety of manufacturing processes including assembling, pick and place, packaging, loading/unloading and part transferring, customers rely on our longevity for long term production answers.

All AGI products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design.

AGI is committed to innovation and service, working closely with customers to find automation solutions for their long-term production success.
Millo Bertini
Industrial Robot

Pneumatic Automation Products For Industrial Automation Include

Products Are Used For A Variety Of Manufacturing Processes Including

  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Part Transfer

AGI support, dedication to service and standardized quality checks ensure that our customers receive much more than just the industry standard – they receive the very best from “Start to Part”. AGI is at the forefront in manufacturing. We’ve been leaders in quality and customer service for over 20 years and our design confirms our commitment to the products we make and the people for whom we make them.

Commitment to Quality

Throughout the production process, AGI has proven its commitment to quality through the use of quality assuring measures such as:


Continual employee training on processes and procedures.

Product Specifications

Databases and control sheets for every part.


We inspect through every step of the production process.


Continuous internal quality audits to ensure standards are met.

Tooling Inspections

Regular tooling inspections and calibrations for ongoing maintenance and accuracy.


Final product testing and inspection.


Always in accordance with standards and regulatory compliance.


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