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Robotic Tool Changers or End Of Arm tooling provides the flexibility to automatically change end-effectors or other peripherals. Robotic tool changer has two mating halves, one called Robot Side and the other Tool Side.

They couple locked together via a pneumatic air cylinder and have user electrical contacts, pneumatic, water pass through. This makes a robot very versatile for high production environment. Robotic load limiters or robotic collision sensors prevent damage to E.O.A.T and other robotic peripherals.

AGI EOAT tool-changers are accurate, highly rigid, and have multiple pneumatic ports and optional electrical contacts ideal for end of arm tooling. The pneumatic actuators tool changer system offers a full line of robotic tool-changers designed to minimize assembly line change outs and down time.

  • When you’re doing batchmode Manufacturing: Reduce line change overs from Hours to Seconds.
  • When you are maintaining or repairing tools: You can have a second identical tool available, that won’t need calibration.
  • When you need a more flexible robot: Now your robot can perform multiple tasks with a simple tool change.


  • Clean room assembly
  • Electronic assembly
  • SMT work cells
  • Small parts or light assembly
  • Material removal
  • Fine pitch component placement

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    Weight 4.14 lbs

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