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AGP-8-OR – Gripper for Placing O-Rings with through hole

Features & Benefits

  • Jaws are T-Slot bearing supported to prevent jaw breakage and offer superior load bearing performance.
  • Spreading jaws and Ejector jaws have independent pistons to provide exact timing of O-ring placement.
  • Compact design with long adjustable stroke.
    True parallel jaw motion for easy tooling and 1.5 inch Through hole.

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Design: Parallel, Double Acting, Synchronized Sealed Jaws, Through Hole

Stroke: Spread 1.10 in. adj. [27.9 mm]
Ejecting 0.55 in [13.9 mm]

Gripping Force Per Jaw
Spreading jaws have 70-462 lbs. force [each] @80 psi.*
Ejector jaws have 320 lbs force [combined] @80 psi.

Close: 0.2 sec [0.2 sec]
Open: 0.2 sec [0.2 sec]

Pressure Range:
Low/High 30-100 PSI [2-7 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/180°F [-28°/80°C]

Side Play:
± 0.001 [.03 mm]

Repeatability from center:
± .002 [.06 mm]

Loading Capacity: Static – Dynamic

Max Tensile T
100 lbs 30 lbs
[445 N] [130 N]

Max Compressive C
100 lbs 30 lbs
[445 N] [130 N]

Max Moment Mx
200 in/lb 50 in/lb
[22 Nm] [6 Nm]

Max Moment My
230 in/lb 60 in/lb
[23 Nm] [6 Nm]

Max Moment Mz
200 in/lb 50 in/lb
[22 Nm] [6 Nm]

Material: High Strength,Hard Coated
aluminum bronze alloys, Steel

Weight: 8 lbs [3.6 Kg]

* [ Depending where in the cycle of stroke it is measured. The farther the spread or opening of jaws, the stronger the force. This exponential force {curved} applies to all AGP-OR Grippers. Also, keep in mind these are ‘no’-friction numbers. Every application will entertain a different coefficient of kinetic friction depending on finger design, {height & length}, and should be taken into consideration during design stages of assembly equipment ].

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