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AGP-6-OR - Finger Gripper for Placing O-Rings
Insertion Machine

AGI AGP-6-OR - Finger Gripper for Placing O-Rings
Inch & Metric
 PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Inch Solid Works, 3D IGES, Step Metric
Solid Works,
3D, IGES & Step


The O-Ring gripper is made for picking and placing O-Rings on the parts.The 6-Finger Gripper has two pistons which are driven independently of each other. The spreading jaws are double acting and the ejecting jaws are single acting. When pressure is applied to the first piston, 6 parallel jaws spread the o-ring. The stroke can be precisely adjusted using the set screw. After the o-ring is expanded, air is supplied to the second piston. This causes the ejector jaws to press forward and push the o-ring from the spreading jaws onto the part being assembled. The O ring is stretched evenly in a hexagonal shape; this allows the ORing to be expanded with considerably less deformation. The O-Ring gripper can be tooled to accommodate all types of rings, the smallest would be the smallest you can make your tooling jaws to fit the inside diameter and the largest is approximately four inch diameter depending on the cross section. End of stroke sensing is available for both the spreading and ejecting jaws. The size of the units is 2.5 inches diameter by 2.7 inches tall and has 65 lb of stretching force at 80 psi.



Design: Parallel, Double Acting, Synchronized Sealed Jaws

Stroke: Spread 0.6 in. adj. [15 mm]
Ejecting 0.25 in [6.3 mm]

Gripping Force Per Jaw @ 80 PSI [5.5 BAR]
Spreading Jaw: 62 lbs [275 N]
Ejector Jaw: 80 lbs [355 N]

Close: 0.2 sec [0.2 sec]
Open: 0.2 sec [0.2 sec]

Pressure Range:
Low/High 30-100 PSI [2-7 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/180°F [-28°/80°C]

Side Play: ± 0.001 [.03 mm]

Repeatability from center: ± .002 [.06 mm]

Loading Capacity: Static - Dynamic

Max Tensile T
60 lbs 20 lbs
[260 N] [88 N]

Max Compressive C
60 lbs 20 lbs
[260 N] [88 N]

Max Moment Mx
100 in/lb 25 in/lb
[11 Nm] [2.7 Nm]

Max Moment My
120 in/lb 30 in/lb
[13 Nm] [3.3 Nm]

Max Moment Mz
100 in/lb 25 in/lb
[11 Nm] [2.7 Nm]

Material: High Strength,Hard Coated
aluminum bronze alloys, Steel

Weight: 1.25 lbs [.56 Kg]

Piston Diameter: 1.00 in [25.4 mm]

  • Jaws are T-Slot bearing supported to prevent jaw breakage and offer superior load bearing performance.
  • Spreading jaws and Ejector jaws have independent pistons to provide exact timing of o-ring placement.
  • Compact design with long adjustable stroke.
  • True parallel jaw motion for easy tooling.