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Automated Seal and O-ring Assembly

Automated seal /o-ring assembly for large and heavy-duty Automated Seal and O-ring assembly o-ring placement applications. Spread and place seals or parts with this new through hole dual motion automatic o-ring placement assembly machine. These multi motion through-hole parallel grippers are designed to facilitate part ejection and part seating. The new grippers are ideal when an ejector is needed after part placement or when seal is to be placed down a long shaft.

Sixteen jaw o-ring installation gripper has independent spreading, ejector movements and has a 1.5 inch diameter through hole. This pneumatic gripper has two independent pistons, the spreading jaws are double acting and the other ejector jaws are single acting.

When air pressure is applied to the first piston, eight parallel jaws expanding .55 inch each spread the o-ring providing an octagon shape. The octagonally stretched O-ring assembly requires less overall expansion and considerably less deformation during assembly insertion process. The opening stroke can be precisely adjusted using the set -screw so there isn’t over expansion. After the o-ring is expanded and over the part, air pressure is applied to the second piston. This causes the ejector jaws to push forward .5 inch and push off the O-Ring seal from the spreading jaws, and onto the part being assembled or installed.

The O-Ring gripper (AGP-8-OR) can be tooled to accommodate all types of rings, the smallest would be the smallest you can make your tooling jaws to fit the inside diameter and the largest is approximately twelve inch diameter depending on the cross section.

End of stroke sensing is available for both the spreading and ejecting jaws. The size of the units is 5 inches diameter by 5 inches tall. Spreading jaws have 200 lbs. force per jaw @80 psi and ejector jaws have 320 lbs. @ 80 psi.

A smaller unit AGP-6-OR is also available in stock. Two and 3D cad available.

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