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linear actuator

AGI has a full line of pneumatic linear actuators, also called pneumatic slides,  that are internally powered.

Available in four styles:

  • Base slides
  • Magnetically coupled rodless slides
  • Thruster and pneumatic actuators
  • Miniture linear actuators – available where space is limited.
The units provide smooth linear motion due to the precision ball bearings riding on hardened ground shafts. The pneumatic linear actuators are internally powered by an air cylinder. The aluminum body and end blocks contain tapped holes and dowel pin holes for precision mounting or fixturing.

Rodless Linear Actuators or Guided rodless air cylinders are different from standard air cylinders, no piston rod will extends past the cylinder body. The internal piston is connected to the carriage magnetically, pulling the outer carriage along with the piston, this is ideal for long stroke applications.

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  • agt-5

    Weight 7 lbs
    Push Force 140 lbs

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