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AGLP-12 T-Slot Bearing Series Parallel Gripper

AGLP-12-1500 T-Slot Bearing Series Parallel Gripper

Features & Benefits

  • Jaws are T-Slot bearing supported to prevent jaw breakage and offer superior load bearing performance.
  • Rugged rack and pinion synchronizing.
  • High gripping force to weight ratio.
  • Compact Design with long stroke.
  • True parallel jaw motion for easy tooling.
  • Units are permanently lubricated for non-lube air operation, this allowing for compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Piston seals are quad ring type for long service life.
  • Hall effect sensors are available to monitor open and closed positions of the jaws.
  • AGLP is fully field repairable for cost savings and minimum down time.
  • Gripper can be ordered with 3 different stroke on the same size body.



Design: Parallel, Double Acting, Synchronized Jaws

Stroke:1.50 in [38.1 mm]

Gripping Force @ 80 PSI [5.5 BAR]
Closing: 80 lbs [355 N]
Opening: 80 lbs [355 N]

Close: 0.25 sec [0.2 sec]
Open: 0.25 sec [0.2 sec]

Pressure Range:
Low/High 10-120 PSI [.7-7 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/180°F [-28°/80°C]

Side Play: ± 0.001 [.03 mm]

Loading Capacity: Static – Dynamic

Max Tensile T
225lbs                                           75 lbs
[1000 N]                                         [333 N]

Max Compressive C
225 lbs                                          75 lbs
[1000 N]                                         [333 N]

Max Moment Mx
570 in/lb                                      190 in/lb
[64.4 Nm]                                     [21.4 Nm]

Max Moment My
685 in/lb                                      228 in/lb
[77.4 Nm]                                     [25.1 Nm]

Max Moment Mz
570 in/lb                                      190 in/lb
[64.4 Nm]                                     [21.4 Nm]

Material: High Strength,Hard Coated aluminum bronze alloys, Steel

Weight: 5 lb [2.26 kg]

Piston Diameter: 1.625 in [41.2 mm]