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AGR-2 Rotary Actuator

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in adjustable hardstops on output flange stop against a dowel pin embedded in the body to prevent pinion breakage and give accurate specific rotation requirements.
  • Two large bearings, one on either side of the pinion, provide for steady output flange with high loading capacity.
  • Ultra high torque-to-weight ratio for faster cycle times.
  • Compact body design to fit in tight space applications.
  • Units are permanently lubricated for non-lube air operation, allowing for compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • All rotary units have zero backlash at either end of rotation, keeping the output flange against the hardstop.
  • Built-in adjustable flow controls allow for maximum cycle times and smooth deceleration.
  • Proximity switches are available to monitor end of rotation.
  • The AGR-2 unit is fully field repairable for cost savings and minimum down time.

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Design: Rack and Pinion with Flange Hard Stop

Rotation Range: 0º-180º (Adj. +/- 5º)

Payload: 3 lbs central to axis of rotation [1.4 Kg]

@80 psi [5.5 BAR] 17 in/lb [1.9 Nm]

Bearing Load:
Dynamic 198 lbs [880 N]
Static 385 lbs [1620 N]

Rotation Time: No load .2 second

Pressure Range:
Low/High 30-120 PSI [2-8 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/180°F [-28°/80°C]

Backlash: Zero

Accuracy: .001 concentric and perpendicular to axis of

Material: High Strength,Hard Coated Aluminum Alloys, Steel

Weight: 1.2 lb [1.2 kg]

Piston Diameter: (2x) .75 in [19 mm]

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