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Robots safely crash with protection

The AGO series Pneumatic Robotic Collision Sensors features seven new models that are suited for a wide variety of applications to increase production.

There are many names for the robotic safety devises, crash protectors, collision sensors, EOAT load limiter and so on. They all have the same purpose and that’s to minimize or completely prevent damage to robot and tooling.

Robotic over load limiter
The AGO unit mounts between the robot and the tooling to protect them in an overload condition or collision. The AGO3AGI pneumatically actuated load-limiter has dynamically infinite variable breakaway points. The moment trip point settings can be controlled by air pressure and is compliant in the X, Y and Z axes and rotational.

Pneumatic pressure can be added to increase moment capacity for high-inertia motions and reduced when low-inertia moves are needed. A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the load rigid during normal operation. At impact, the air chamber seal is opened and becomes compliant, while a pressure switch signal is immediately sent to the system controller or robot’s E-stop to shut down the system. Precise locating components are used to ensure that it repeats back to its original position with less than .001 inch.
The AGI robotic collision protector, production and assembly lines run longer, expensive robots and tools are protected and costly system repairs are drastically reduced on end of arm tooling.

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