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Industrial component supplier keeps manufacturing factories running

Manufacturing companies can’t afford downtime in their operations due to a purchased component being out of stock or worst discontinued. Extended periods of machine downtime that shut down the entire assembly line cost thousands of dollars per hour, that’s why it’s important to get purchased components from a reliable supplier that stocks product available for shipping the same day.

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One of the most common causes of machine downtime occurs when machine components are not in stock and ordering replacements means a long lead time. Most suppliers of assembly and automation components do not stock parts and have long shipping lead times. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a long shipping lead time causing a shift or more worth of downtime is catastrophic. In this age of lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventorying, such a scenario is simply unacceptable but common place.

Because timely component replacement is increasingly critical, getting to know one’s component supplier is increasingly critical, too. In an article titled “Getting more from maintenance, repair and operations (MRO): knowing the capabilities of maintenance, repair and operations suppliers can help manufacturers keep costs down”, Tom Armold, vice president of marketing and strategic accounts for Applied Industrial Technologies, contended that many manufacturers increasingly view their suppliers not only as firms that can offer a high level of product and service support but also partners that can help reduce operating costs.

According to the article, component suppliers are now expected to work closely with manufacturing companies to find solutions that will keep their plants operating profitably. Armold proposed several ways in which MRO component suppliers can help manufacturers reduce their costs.

One of these ways is offering solutions that positively impact the bottom line. Armold suggested that customers look for a partner that can expertise and technical know-how as well as a wide inventory of parts and equipment. AGI has made a conscious effort to make other pneumatic automation component suppliers’ discontinued parts available. AGI components are designed to be interchangeable for overall dimension, mounting and porting.

AGI stocks a wide variety of industrial automation products and components to keep our manufacturing partners’ operations in production.

Most of our products ship the same day if ordered before 12 noon EST.

These include:

Call us for application help or any questions with crossing over a competitor’s product that you are having trouble sourcing. Ph: 203-459-8345 or visit

American Grippers Inc is located in Trumbull, CT, and all of our parts are made in the USA. Still, our products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design in our globalized economy.

Our products are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including assembly, packaging, loading & unloading, and part transfer.

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