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MRO interchangeable pneumatic components are critical to manufacturing

AGI 2010 PRODUCTSMRO interchangeable pneumatic components are critical to just about every type of manufacturing facility. When large companies decide to discontinue or phase out an old product line it becomes a MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) nightmare to do machine repair and maintenance. AGI has touched upon this subject by making some of these discontinued items the larger pneumatic automation product companies stopped manufacturing. AGI pneumatic grippers, rotary actuators, and linear slides are drop in direct replacements. These products are interchangeable to include overall dimension, mounting and porting at lower cost of ownership due to major improvements. AGI can assist in crossing over products that you already have. AGI also manufactures a complete range of high quality sophisticated Pneumatic Automation Products For Industrial Automation. The company headquarters is in Trumbull, CT, USA. As a company specializing in Automation technology, we use the most modern manufacturing techniques. The modern and demanding user of end of arm tooling technology has confidence in the capabilities and products of AGI. AGI’s products cover a broad range of applications, Including Parallel and Angular Grippers, Rotary Actuators, Mini-Slides, Linear Slides, Thrusters, Multi-Motion Actuators, Pick and Place, Tool Changers, Load Limiters, Feed Escapements, Robotic End Effectors, Robotic Accessories and O-Ring assembly tools. Products Are Used For A Variety Of Manufacturing Processes Including Assembly, Packaging, Loading & Unloading, Part Transfer. Available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design for a world market. High-tech plants all over the world relay on automation components from AGI.

For more information on these products and cross reference sheet, send for a free catalog and cad disc, which includes 2 and 3-D cad drawings. For immediate assistance, call AGI, at (203) 459-8345 or visit our web site at

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