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O-ring seal pick and place with a pneumatic gripper

O-ring gripper assembly equipment

Advances in automation reduce production losses and diminishes cost to companies. AGI, a leading provider of sophisticated robotic products, releases a set of tools that automate O-Ring Installation. Both dual motion gripper products offer O-ring and seal positioning capabilities for assembly lines and single station hand assists. They are made available to a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Repeated Stress Injuries

Authorities in the field of ergonomics agree that repeated stress on certain joints and tendons is likely to cause ailments such as tendonitis, arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Companies, as a result, suffer soaring medical costs and production losses. AGI President, Peter Farkas, stated:

“One great advantage of implementing O-Ring Installation Assembly Tools is that workers place less stress on their hands.” He went on to say, “A direct result is that repeated stress injuries are reduced… something both workers and their employers benefit from.”

When manufacturing workers sustain injuries, there are implications to productivity and scheduling. Manufacturing outfits that embrace new technologies are finding themselves ahead of the curve as a result of decreased injuries among their staff.

AGI has recently made significant investments in their manufacturing plant, making it possible for them to deliver products to customers with a short lead time, and at low cost. Implementation of new robotics devices now faster than ever, and with today’s price points, the benefits of automation are available for small and mid-sized manufacturing plants.

AGI’s O-Ring-Assembly Tools are available in two sizes to accommodate placement applications ranging from 3 to 12 inch I.D. Both the AGP-6-OR (which has six jaws) and the AGP-8-OR (which has eight) are designed to facilitate part ejection and part seating and are ideal for applications where an ejector is needed after part placement. They are both equally functional when a seal needs to be placed down a long shaft.

As a result of independent piston technology and double-acting spreading jaws, O-Rings that are stretched by these pneumatic grippers suffer considerably less deformation than they would if installed through traditional assembly methods. And there is no risk of over-expansion, as the opening stoke can be precision-adjusted.

About AGI: AGI supplies a complete range of sophisticated automation products that include parallel grippers, rotary actuators, thrusters, linear actuator slides, mini slides, tool changers, and overload devices. All products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design for a world market.

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