AGI AGA-33 Angular Gripper – 180° Three Jaw
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Pneumatic Angular Gripper saves production time and money

AGI Pneumatic Angular Grippers 180 degree opening has gripping forces from 20-200 lb.

When the jaws are AGA_33_0146 copycompletely opened, the work piece can be placed in a fixture without having to retract the gripper.

This saves an extra step as well as the expense of another axis of movement. Saving time in a production line means money; this is done by not needing to lift out of the way of the part when the jaws swing out of the way; with less motion cycle times are decreased.

This is in contrast to the parallel gripper that has to rise to clear the parts, and then lower it back down again to pick up a part.

Three jaw 180 degree opening Models AGA-23, AGA-33, AGA-43, and AGA-53 feature stroke-limiting screws to adjust stroke from 0-180°. The toggle mechanism greatly increases in power as the jaws near the fully closed position and become self-locking when past parallel. The internal linkages are guided by two groves that run the length of the body.

This will keeps the tooling jaws from losing the center repeatability. Close attention must be made to the tooling jaws when designing them, because the jaws swing an arc, the mechanism produces higher velocity at the end of your tooling during the stroke. All units are double acting with multiple air ports and mounting locations. See all of our pneumatic grippers.

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