AGS-4 Powered Slide

Features & Benefits

  • Compact lightweight unit with built-in air cylinder.
  • Linear ball bearings ride on precision hardened ground steel shafts.
  • Units are permanently lubricated for non-lube air operation, allowing for OSHA compliance.
  • Piston seals are U-cup type for long service life.
  • Aluminum body and end blocks contain tapped holes and dowel pin holes for precision mounting or fixturing.
  • Custom mounting holes and air ports can be added. Please consult factory.
  • Main body or end blocks can be anchored due to the 1/16″ height clearance.
  • Standard built-in stroke adjustment for precise, repetitive operation.
  • Proximity switches are available to monitor end of stroke position of the body.
  • Optional shock absorbers can be ordered for smooth operation.
  • Series AGS-4 is fully field repairable for cost savings and minimum down time. Repair kits are available for repairs or maintenance.



Design: Built-in air cylinder, linear bearings on steel
hardened shafts

Stroke: 1 to 4 in [25.4 mm to 101 mm]

Thrust Force @ 80 PSI [5.5 BAR]
25 lbs [111 N]

Recommended Speed:
2-14 in/sec [0.5-.35 m/sec]

Pressure Range:
Low/High 20-120 PSI [1.4-8 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/150°F [-28°/80°C]

Side Play: ± 0.001 [.03 mm]

Maximum Payload: 25 lbs [11.3 kg]

Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloys, Steel Components

Weight: 3.5 lbs [1.6 kg]

Piston Diameter: .750 in [19 mm]

3-D Interactive Preview