AGW-500-1 Wide Body Series Parallel Gripper 1.500″ Stroke

Features & Benefits

Ultra high gripping force to weight ratio due to four opposing independent pistons that direct power to the jaws.

True parallel jaw motion for easy tooling.

Units are permanently lubricated for non-lube air operation, allowing for OSHA compliance.

Piston seals are quad-ring type for long service life.

Large jaw support shafts are guided through the full width of the main body.

Proximity switches are available to monitor open and closed position of the jaws.

Series AGW-500-1 is fully field repairable for cost savings and minimum down time.

Non-synchronous versions allow the gripper’s jaws to comply to the part’s centerline versus the gripper’s centerline.



Design: Parallel, Double Acting, Synchronized Jaws

Stroke: 1.5 in [38.1 mm]

Gripping Force @ 80 PSI Per Jaw [5.5 BAR]
Closing: 84 lbs [373 N]
Opening: 86 lbs [383 N]

Close: 0.3 sec [0.3 sec]
Open: 0.3 sec [0.3 sec]

Pressure Range:
Low/High 20-120 PSI [1.7-8 BAR]

Temperature Range:
Low/High -20°/180°F [-28°/80°C]

Side Play:
± 0.001 [.03 mm]

Repeatability from Center:
± 0.002 [.06 mm]

Loading Capacity: Static – Dynamic

Max Tensile T
500 lbs 50 lbs
[2220 N] [222 N]

Max Compressive C
500 lbs 50 lbs
[2220 N] [222 N]

Max Moment Mx
500 in/lb 50 in/lb
[56.5 Nm] [5.6 Nm]

Max Moment My
750 in/lb 75 in/lb
[85 Nm] [8.5Nm]

Max Moment Mz
500 in/lb 50 in/lb
[56.5 Nm] [5.6 Nm]

Material: High Strength,Hard Coated aluminum bronze alloys, Steel

Weight: 3 lbs [1.4 kg]

Piston Diameter: .875 in x 4 [22.3 mm]

3-D Interactive Preview