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Long Stroke Pneumatic Powered Slides

AGSL-5 NEWMagnetically coupled linear actuator slides have no mechanical connection between the carriage body and piston resulting in a fully enclosed piston that prevents contaminants from escaping. AGSL linear actuator incorporates an anodized aluminum carriage that is guided on precision linear bearings that ride on hardened precision ground shafts to move smoothly while supporting the tool plate and attached loads. Precision sealed ball bearings provide rugged precise linear motion, guidance, and smooth movement of the carriage. Pneumatic long stroke linear motion components are double acting air cylinders and require a four way two position valve. The lack of piston rod in the cylinder reduces the length of the actuator considerably and they are therefore ideal for confined spaces or long strokes.
Cylinders are available in 2 bores sizes – .625 and 1 inch (16mm, and 25mm) with stroke lengths up to 132 inches (2000 mm). Proximity sensors are available to signal the end of stroke positions.
AGI supplies a complete range of sophisticated automation products that include, parallel grippers, rotary actuators, thrusters, linear actuator slides, mini slides, tool changers, overload devices and o-ring installation assembly components.

  • Magnetically coupled cylinder is designed to be leak free due to no mechanical connection between the piston and the body.
  • Prelubricated for miles of maintenance-free travel, with easily accessible carriage lubrication port.
  • 304 stainless steel tubing and U-cup seals for lower dynamic friction.
  • Compact lightweight unit with built-in air cylinder.
  • Linear ball bearings ride on precision ground and hardened shafting.
  • Aluminum body and end blocks contain tapped holes for precision mounting or fixturing.
  • Main body or end blocks can be anchored due to the 1/16″ height difference.

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